Square Rings and Sliders

Square Ring 20mm Antique - 0102301

Square Rings 20mm Brass - 0102302

Square Rings 25mm Nickel - 0102320

Square Ring 25mm O/Brass - 0102321

Square Ring 30mm Nickel - 0102340

Square Ring 30mm Antique - 0102341

Square Ring 30mm Brass - 0102342

Square Rings 40mm Nickel - 0102360

Square Ring 40mm Antique - 0102362

Sliders 30mm PC89N - 0102210
Sliders SLHC228 OBR 35mm - 0102211
Sliders SLHC228 NP 35mm - 0102213
Square Ring PC343-N 26x26 Nickel - 0102215
Sq Ring 50mm Nickel - 0102364

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