Loops and Tips

Tips A/ Brass 25mm - 0101363
Loops A/B 25mm L23 - 0101363B
Loop 25mm Nickel L23 - 0101364
Tip 25mm Nickel T20 - 0101364B
Buckle 30mm Nic B187 - 0101594
Tips 30mm T9 A/Brass - 0101656
Loops Jeans L6 Nic 40mmn - 0101923
Loops Jeans L6 Brass 40mm - 0101924
Loop 20x8 2.5 LPHC113N.SNP.PC - 0102300
Loop HC30k 35mm A/Brass - 0102343
Loop 35mm Nic NC30 - 0102344
Sq-ring 40mm HC112 Brass - 0102361
Loop HC 112 38 x 10mm Old Brass - 0102363

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