Chisel 4 Prong - 0109053 Used to punch 4 'slits' into the leather
Chisel 4 Prong  - 0109054 Used to punch 4 'slits' into the leather
Chisel Buckstitch 4 Prong Angled #8048- 0109058 Used to punch 4 'slits' (at an angle of 45 degrees) into the leather
Chisel Single Prong - 0109056 Used to punch 1 'slit' into the leather
Thonging Chisel Punch - 0109057
Chisel 3 Prong - 0109064 Used to punch 3 'slits' into the leather
Punch Stitching 8 Prong - 0109296 Used to punch 8 'slits' into the leather
Chisel Delux Hand Set - 0109335 Used to punch out many different shapes

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